Friday, January 6, 2012

Tom Wieland digs a lil deeper 5 : East Europe Modal jazz & samba classics

7 SAMURAI dig a lil deeper V : East Europe Modal Jazz & samba classics

on these dark & grey winter days I sometimes get into this slightly melancholic mood...time to go deeper into my extensive Eastern European jazz vinyl collection. What treasures they made behind the iron curtain in the 60´s & 70´s. modal jazz heaven. enjoy!
a strictly vinyl Dj mix.

7 SAMURAI dig a little deeper – East Eupean modal jazz & samba classics

by Tom Wieland

  1. SHQ GROUP: kaiman (supraphon)
  2. JERZY MILIAN: askhabad girl (obuh)
  3. JOHNNY RADUCANU: balada (electrecord)
  4. ORCHESTER G√úNTHER OPPENHEIMER: solo in moll (amiga)
  5. RADIO ORKESTER BULGARIA: basic (balkanton)
  6. PIOTR: breakfast at midnight (pronit)
  7. POLISH RADIO ORCHESTRA: beigele( Apollo)
  8. TADEUSA PREJZNERA: the moss (pronit)
  9. TOLDI MARIA: hobortos este volt (qualiton)
  11. KAREL RUZICKA TRIO: made in Tunesia (supraphon)
  12. GUSTAV BROM: the cloud (supraphon)
  13. RAFIK BABAYEV ORKESTAR: the song of the young (melodija)
  14. GUSTAV BROM:black tears (supraphon)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tom Wieland digs a lil deeper Vol VII Reggae Disco Rockers!

7 SAMURAI dig a lil deeper Vol VII Reggae Disco Rockers!

Apart from the souljazz comp HUSTLE a few years ago Disco Reggae seems to be one of the most under the radar styles of DJ culture . The last few years I tried to unearth and dig for some of the lost treasures of the genre.
Here´s the result:some dusty vinyl 7"s found arround the Globe from NYC to Tokyo to da bay..with some of our own 7 Samurai productions reflecting the influences of Joe Gibbs & his Disco Echo chamber. Jah!

spread luv

Tom Wieland 7 SAMURAI digs a lil deeper Vol VII Disco Reggae Rockers vol I

1. WILLIE LINDO: midnight (black wax 7” )

2. GLEN & RICH: looking dread (white 7”)

3. CHARIOT RIDERS: float on (crystal 7”)

4. CHARIOT RIDERS: do it nice and easy (crystal 7”)

5. LLOYD CHARMERS: skin tight (wild flower 7”)

6. CYNTHIA RICHARDS: keep it in the family (cactus 7”)

7. 7 SAMURAI: Jah music (poets club 7”)

8. LA FAMILLE: all night long (sanity records 12”)

9. HAROLD BUTLER: I love music (LTD LP)

10. ZILVERZURF & 7 SAMURAI: the moment is gone (poets club 7”)

11. 7 SAMURAI: cosmic jam (white 7”)

12. TAGGY MATCHER: Nautilus (stix)

13. ROYAL RASSES: unconventional people (warrior records 12”)

14. PRINCESS EBONY: King & I ( wadada musick 12”)

15. JACKIE MITTOO: wall street (12” )

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Areito / Egrem. Cuba: the funky way

Welcome Ladies & Gentleman

to 7 SAMURAi dig a lil deeper Vol 2: funky cuban afro grooves from Areito records;
This mixtape brings you back to 60´s & 70´s Cuba: expect rare descarga hitters , afro salsa & mozambique from the cuban vaults. It´s a vinyl only mix.

Don´t forget to check my Cuban compilation "Revolucion" on freestyle.UK. buy it and keep independant record labels alive.


ps .here´s some webpage recommendations for the ones who wanna know more..:

check some stunning original footage from 1970´s Cuba TV. IRAKERE playin their b-bwoy classic "bacalao con pan"!

7 SAMURAI dig a lil deeper Vol 2: funky cuban afro grooves from Areito / EGREM records